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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Linking Issues and My Tuesday Image - SST 08/03

Linking Problem

Firstly I'd like to thank Paula White from White Social Media for letting me know about a problem with a link on last weeks SST post. I'd linked to my images a different way and that led to a problem when trying to comment via Picasaweb.

It's always good to receive feedback of whatever kind so that I can continue to improve on my postings. Thanks Paula.

My Tuesday Image

With Spring well and truly on the way in the UK I remembered this image from a set I took a couple of years ago. Our back garden had been remodelled the previous year and this was it's first Spring in it's new design. Channel 4 TV had suggested they might do a piece from the garden as a part of one of those house make over shows. We worked like mad to get the garden looking great over the course of a day only to hear nothing more from them. Never mind! it made for a great photo set.

Sweet Shot Day


  1. What a bummer that the TV channel didn't follow through:-) Your garden looks great though and I'll look forward to seeing plenty of spring pics as we get colder down here.

  2. Hi Kevin. Glad you got it sorted and comments all working again now :-) Thanks for the link, much appreciated, and with a garden like that I shall be insisting on any further training to be done in your garden on a sunny day! ;-) Lovely photo.