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Monday, 28 March 2011

Another Week Gone By .... a birthday, a new camera and a general update.

Wow - another week has gone by - seemingly so much to do and so little time, except this week was a week with a difference.

It was a "special" birthday week, which spanned two weekends. The first weekend was a party at home, it was great to see all the relatives, some neighbours, some long lost friends and some new acquaintances who I hope I'll also be able to call friends. Very many thanks to my wife and son and all who helped to put it together and keep us sane. A special mention goes to my daughter who had all along maintained she was unable to join us and then did so in the middle of the afternoon and later impressing us with a rendition of "Come To Your Senses" from the show "Tick Tick Boom".

The second weekend was a trip to London with just the four of us to see a show called  "The Childrens Hour" with Keira Knightly and Elisabeth Moss. An excellent play. Many thanks to my daughter for sorting out the accomodation.

Highlight on the pressie front was a new dSLR camera, a Pentax KX. I don't want to get into the discussion about the pro's and con's of the different brands but needless to say I did a lot of research and so far am very happy with my purchase.

I loved my "old" camera, a bridge Panasonic Lumix FZ8 but felt that moving up to a full dSLR was an opportunity to improve the style, techniques and overall quality of my photography. I was lucky enough to find a box set on sale with both an 18-55 and a 50-200 lens for not much more than the single lens set.

I feel sure we'll be seeing some images from the new camera very soon.

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  1. A new camera is great, but in my humble opinion, it'd more about the user than the brand :-)