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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Well Here We Are Then!

So this is it then. I've thought about it, looked at different blogging sites, tried some and not really liked what I've done. I've looked at other blogs and sometimes wondered why people bother and found little in the way of inspiration.

The social networking bug has tried to get a grip me but hasn't really taken hold. I have a Facebook account but don't often use it. I've never used MySpace or worried too much about MSN. I chatted once or twice on Yahoo or something similar but couldn't quite work out why it was supposed to be easier or better then using the phone.

Twitter is my thing and I do enjoy short exchanges with users around he world or just being able to let off steam by posting my frustrations to no-one in particular.

So why am I here now? Firstly, after many years I have rediscovered the Opera browser and the slick experience that version 11 is bringing to the Internet, secondly I like the simple but effective blog and photo album capabilities of Blogger and I will be developing those soon.

But recently through Twitter I discovered the inspiration the is a blog called "Moments of Whimsy". Beautifully designed and with excellent photography I can only aspire to producing something that is homely, slick and professional all at the same time. It is well worth a visit and you can follow the link below to feast your eyes on its' sumptuous loveliness.

And as for me. I also am into my photography, some of which will appear here soon. I work with IT and have a pet hate of companies who offer poor service to their SOHO (Small Office Home Office) and private customers, or who continually provide poor value for money.

So check back here from time to time and I'll let you know what's been going on and no doubt have a rant about some company that's (IMHO) giving poor service. I'll also post up some images that I enjoy and hope you will too and link up to some other sites that may be of interest.

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