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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Google Ad(non)sense

Wow - what a weekend that was. With the UK and Europe in the grip of winter I made my way to the local city of Bristol to be met by clear dry streets and a biting wind. A few cold people scurried from shop-to-stop trying to keep the Christmas spirit alive and the stall holders in the Christmas Market were trying to keep warm with free coffee from one of the Starbucks stores which had closed due to problems with the plumbing.

Our Christmas tree was finally erected having being bought last weekend, a little earlier then usual due to press reports that trees were going to be in short supply this year. It was true that when I arrived at the Garden Centre I was greeted with a "that's all that's left mate". That was fine with me. The choice was not difficult, there was little to choose from. A fine tree was chosen and is now standing adorned with the customary lights and ornaments.

It was during my shopping excursion today, when munching on a Burger King Angus Burger with Bacon & Cheese that I decided to kill off Google Adsense from the blog, at least for now. The astute amongst you who have visited before will have noticed the Google Adsense ads in two places. No more. The sense bit refers to how Google scans your blogs and displays ads based on the content of your entry.

My blog entry  "Snow Returns To The UK" was picked on relentlessly by Google because I mentioned Cardff, the main city of Wales. Googles interpretation of this blog was to display an ad with a big picture of a cupcake advertising special offers in "Swansea", a city in Wales west of Cardiff. This was a complete nonsense to me as I have people visit my blogs from most continents but never to my knowledge from Swansea, therefore making it a somewhat pointless exercise.

The reason for showing the ads in the first place was not financially motivated, lord knows I'd need many more page views than I currently receive to make it worth while.  It was more an experiment to see how these things work, and in this case it didn't. Ads may return in the future if I can make them locale based and, if necessary, quoting local currency but until then they have gone.

See you again soon. Until then ......

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