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Saturday, 4 December 2010

The Shape Of Bread To Come

It should be easy. People have been doing it since knives were invented so let's face it people have had plenty of practice.

I can do it with fruit and cucumbers are no problem; I bore people to death with the accuracy of my carrots so why on earth can I rarely cut a straight slice off a loaf of bread?

My sandwiches today would not pass muster at your local store. I often end up with corners missing, or like the last two days slices which start as a doorstep at one end and becomes wafer thin at the other.

The most difficult slice to repair is the one where the bread bows inwards as you cut it so you end up with a hole in the middle. I usually end up spreading Peanut Butter on the bread and fold creatively so as not to lose the filling on the cling film.

The reason this is all the more disappointing is because I bake my own bread. It's nothing amazing and it's all courtesy of a bread-maker but it's mine and I would like my slices to be straight.

I guess this year I should be asking Santa for a domestic goddess to tutor me in the ways of wielding a bread knife but more likely is the purchase of an electric slicer, the one which looks a bit like the meat slicer you'd see at the butchery counter.

Of course if you have any tips for me then please post them here.

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