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Sunday, 5 December 2010

New Blog Site

This weekend I decided to migrate my Blog away from Opera to Googles' Blogger product. The reason being that I felt that Opera Blog was literally a straight list of blog entries (a blog roll).  There was no simple way of applying other attributes to the page such as links to other sites, photos, etc in a nicely formatted and controlled way.

Google Blogger provides much more flexibility for page setup and is allowing me to expand my content quite easily. I do however still have an uneasy feeling that I might still not have found my final blog home yet.

I feel at this point I should throw myself open to suggestion from others more experienced than I in the blog world and ask who others feel provides the best overall experience for those who don't want to script their own pages.

If anybody reading has their own opinions on who I should use then I'd be grateful if you'd leave me a comment with your ideas. I'll write more about the feedback and research later.

Until then ......

1 comment:

  1. Yay - this is better. Now I can comment! Blogger is a great platform to start with. I eventually moved on to, and only recently to a self hosted wordpress blog. It's all still such a learning curve for me!