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Monday, 4 April 2011

Thoughts on Peter Rowell

Most of you won't know the name Peter Rowell. Peter is a West of England 'local' TV & Radio broadcast personality who has been on my regions TV's and Radios probably for longer than the 25 plus years I've lived here. I wouldn't say he's a big star, he's not glitzy, but he's always been there. A bit like a friend of your parents who's always popping in and out.

Imagine then the shock when it was announced that he was missing, his car has been found in a supermarket car park and the CCTV showed him walking off. He later failed to turn up for work at BBC Radio Bristol.

News reports, suitably low key, spoke of a strange atmosphere in newsrooms as police looked for him. So many of cases like this don't have a good outcome so I was pleased when it was reported that Peter had been found alive a couple of days later though though reportedly distressed due to the recent death of a close relative.

Regrettably a report yesterday stated that he is being detained under the Mental Heath Act for his own safety and that he is being investigated for 'historical offences'.

Whatever the outcome of this it seems that Peter must be in a very dark place right now and I can't even begin to imagine how that feels.

I hope that Peter comes through this time and that he is able to successfully return to our screens or radios at some point in the future.

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