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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Reach for your camera first, and then the sky.

I've had a great time reading Exploring with a Camera: Capture the Sky and wanted to share with you some of my experiences.

For me sunrise and sunset gives the opportunity for capturing some excellent colours and vistas. I love this shot which puts the foregound in shadow whilst showing off the evening colours. By the way his wasn't taken with a wide angle lens but the cropping has made some think that it was.

This is a late afternoon image with the sun finally peeking out after a dull, rainy day. Great sky colours with just enough contrast to be able to show off the contours of the rocks in the foreground.

A deep blue sky gives an excellent opportunity to show off some some foreground colours. The red and white of this RAF parachute stack is off set beautifully against the deep blue sky and the landscape cropping accentuates the subject.

This image shows off some real angry clouds, it's a classic shot with a low horizon and plenty of sky.

Finally, the most difficult shots I find are air-show shots. The main difficulty is shooting into a bright sky, varying from bright white to dark blue whilst panning to capture a moving subject at a slow enough exposure to show the motion of turbo-props rather than freeze them totally. Thankfully when you get it right it can be really right as these images show.


  1. You did a great job capturing those planes. I know how hard that is! I really love that second shot. The texture is wonderful.

  2. Wow! Your air show shots are great, I can appreciate the difficulty of getting those. You captured them beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing a different view of the sky with Exploring with a Camera this week! I'm so happy to have you along.

  3. Great shots Kevin! Love the first two especially.