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Sunday, 9 January 2011

My Good Food Review - update

If you read my previous review which included one of the Tiffin Teahouse And Eatery in Clevedon you may recall that I had not had the opportunity to eat there at the time of the review.

I was lucky enough to make a return visit for lunch, and what a pleasure that was. As before, the welcome was as warm and inviting as the restaurant itself.

On reading the menu nothing jumped out as being the one thing you just had to try, instead, almost everything fell into that category. Even applying the backup rule of choosing something you wouldn't normally have at home failed because so many items were embraced by the rule.

On asking our waitress for her recommendations she proved knowledgeable about the menu and composition of the dishes and despite making everything sound equally delicious we eventually made a decision on the Goats Cheese Croustade and the Warm Camembert with bread and spicy pickle.

Both were excellently cooked, the salad that came with the Goats Cheese Croustade a real pleasure with a light salad dressing. The chunky bread that came with the warm melting Camembert was delicious and every piece was eaten smothered with the warm cheese. The spicy pickle on the side made an excellent accompaniment.

Our only recommendation to the waitress afterwards was that the plate that came with the Camembert could be bigger in order to stop the crumbs from the crusty bread cascading over the table and it would do well to be accompanied by a portion of the same green salad that made up the salad with the Croustade.

The coffee (White Americano) was  excellent although we thought that charging extra for the milk on top of an already top priced coffee was stretching it a bit far.

Overall though we had an excellent lunch and would thoroughly recommend you to check out Tiffin Teahouse And Eatery.

Goats Cheese Croustade
Sunset Over Clevedon

On a final note, I missed from my previous piece the lovely Lovely Drinks people who supply home made drinks to Tiffin and also Strawberry Line Cafe who I mentioned in my previous piece as well as many other establishments. If you see their drinks on sale I can't recommend them highly enough - delicious.

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