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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Cats, Ketchup and Christmas

In order to understand the following you first of all need to read the blog "The Missy M Missives" at this link  .

If you don't want to understand it then just skip the link at read on.

Firstly the writer suggests that cats (perhaps hers) don't celebrate Christmas. I think it is terribly important for cats to celebrate Christmas and ours is encouraged to do so at every opportunity. Not only does she receive a visit from Santa she also has Turkey for lunch, just like everybody else.

Secondly the author infers that ketchup is rude. I cant believe it. I have never known ketchup to be more than welcoming and friendly as the following image proves. If anything I would have said that Brown sauce could be considered rude, although its bark may be worse than its bite.

The first image below is Tuzy Cat proudly lounging in her Christmas present which she gratefully received on the 25th. The second image is of our ketchup very politely posing for his picture, also while celebrating Christmas and just prior to setting off some party poppers.

Tuzy Cat
Ketchup at Christmas
With thanks to MisssyM for her inspiration for this piece - please support her blog at .


  1. Haha - gorgeous cat, and hope that the tomato sauce partied responsibly!

  2. Not only do my cats not celebrate Christmas- they hate ketchup. But maybe it is just my two. They are tricky customers...