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Monday, 20 June 2011

Second Day Of My Workshop - and my Sweet Shot Tuesday Post 21/06

Last week I was telling you about the first day of two day workshop I was attending run by award winning photographer Morag MacDonald of Documentary Image. The first day was talking about how to gain control of your camera through effective use of the manual settings.

I Want To Be A Tree!
Day 2 of the workshop was building on the lessons of Day 1 and really concentrated on how to use the correct exposures to match the type of image you are trying to capture whether the deciding factor is the amount of light available, the speed of the subject or perhaps something a little more special.
Freezing Time

I was excited by the opportunity to capture one of those images (it must have a special name) where a subject is static but the world around them is whizzing past. 
Rain Drops On The Move

These were my favourite of the session but the later outdoor shoot provided further opportunity to play with exposure and capture .... rain .. yes rain, there was loads of it. But it provides its own opportunities and it take them where I can.

There are more images from the workshop on my Flickr stream which I hope you'll enjoy.


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  1. That first pic is really great Kev. I think I should take more moments of just stopping and letting all the rushing carry on around me! I think most of the time I represent the blur! Good work and glad you enjoyed the course.

  2. Long Exposure? They turned out really cool. I especially like the 2nd shot!

  3. are doing one AMAZING job with your camera.

    Loved each one...

  4. @Paula
    Thanks Paula. I know what you mean. Life can be such a blur but sometimes we just need to stop, even if only for a few minutes.


  5. @Dina @ 4 Lettre Words
    Hi Dina

    Yes long exposures (but not as long as I would have imagined) and the ability for someone to stay very still.

    Thanks for visiting :-)

  6. @Susan
    Hello Susan

    Thanks very much. I'll try to keep up the good work .. :-)