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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Music and Furniture - Quite A Combination For One Week

Wow what a week - there seems to be no let up in the opportunities I've been presented with in the last few days to update my albums. It has pretty much got to the point where I've started to fall behind with the editing, cataloging and writing so now it's full on to start to catch up some.

Over the last week I was allowed to take a small photoset of keyboard and flute duo  Tranquillo as they played and was invited to shoot a Furniture exhibition being put on by a collective called Furnish.

OK perhaps not the sexiest of shoots (the furniture that is) but it was  great opportunity for me to get involved in something very different and have the challenge of photographing objects under exhibition hall lighting.

The images below are samples from both of these sets.

These girls busking at Cardiff Bay were a duo called Tranquillo  and were kind enough to let me take some shots of them as they played.

There is something about the Black & White of the keyboard that just lends itself to being reproduced in a Black & White image.

Perhaps my favourite shot of the set. Shot with a Pentax M50 lens I love the clean lines of the furniture in the foreground whilst the background start to dissolve away behind it.

Again, shot with the Pentax M50 I think great lines, good lighting and to me the intricate shadowing below the seat just adds to the picture.

As always I hope you have enjoyed these and that you'll visit my Flickr stream to see more.


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  1. Very cool Kevin & I love taking pics of young musicians in action.