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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Revisiting The Basics - My Sweet Shot Tuesday 14/06

Across The Docks 2
I am lucky enough to be on a two day course run by award winning photographer Morag MacDonald of Documentary Image. In some ways it's quite a basic course but being mostly self taught I wanted a course that would try to break me out of any bad habits I'd got into and make sure I understood what I was doing and why.

End Of The Line

The premise of the course is to teach you full control of the camera by the using it in fully manual mode. Today we were playing with one of my favourite photographic toys, depth of field.

I have uploaded my favourite images of the day to my Flickr stream but just wanted to show a couple here because I've really rather enjoyed taking these. They come to you "out of the camera" as we are encouraged to get the exposure right first time and save on the need for post processing.

Bolted Doors

We went to an old dock side area in Bristol which is still mostly undeveloped from the days when Bristol was a bustling port city so there is lots of old debris still around which makes for interesting images.


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  1. what an amazing day you had!

    very interesting shots!
    thanks for sharing.

    visiting via sweet shot tuesday.

  2. I love these images... something the average person would overlook and you've made them intriguing portraits of the place.

  3. @Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry
    Thanks Betty - yep it was one good day :-)

  4. @Rachelle
    Hi Rachelle and thanks for visiting. I really enjoyed looking at the area from a different angle.