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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Photographers and Social Media - Do They Mix?

Tonight by the power of Google I had the great pleasure to visit the web site of Photographer Guillem Lopez. 

Guillem has produced the most powerful photography and you would do well to spend some time appreciating the images on his web-site.

In his latest blog Guillem discusses the extent to which a photographer should engage with social media and  and concludes 
A photographer among many other should take pictures, research locations, contact and deal with clients, learn from other photographers, edit, keyword and caption uncountable images, be good at business, pay your bills and hopefully have some spare time to enjoy your family if you are lucky enough to have one. 
All excellent ways to progress your career and value your home life but I question that social media should be excluded from activities rather, social media should be embraced and added to this list.

If you already have sufficient contacts, clients and exposure to other photographers then you may feel you have no need to widen your circle any further. Indeed, there is only so much work one can take on.

But for many I feel sure that social media outlets are excellent ways to display your talents, make contacts, keep in touch with clients and perhaps weave a little personal social magic into your life as well.

Look at how social media can help you. Decide what messages are you trying to convey and apply the tools accordingly. Yes, social media can suck you in so  make sure you plan what you want to achieve in a session or an amount of time you can afford to dedicate to it in a given day or week and stick to it. Treat social media like any other business tool and I am sure you will reap the benefits.

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  1. Thanks a lot for your kind words Kevin.

  2. Agreed Kevin. Any business that suggests they don't need Social Media is saying that they are not interested in talking to their clients, finding out about them, growing their network, learning from others with different skills to offer, and being aware of current trends and developments in their industry.

    Time management is certainly a critical part though and as you say the activity needs to fit the time, personality and goals of the company or individual.

    And...without Social Media I wouldn't have been alerted to the beautiful images of Guillem either, so thank you for that :-)