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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

My First Portrait Shoot

It was a match made in photographic heaven. On one side there was an aspiring photographer looking for the opportunity to practice his photographic skills and on the other a local business woman who needed a portfolio of pictures to place on her various social media sites. 

She was a good sport and patient enough to let him practice his technique in return for a set of photos she could use at the end of it.

The aspiring photographer was me and the willing subject was Paula White from White Social Media and it was my first opportunity to see if I could really cut it at taking good usable portrait photos.

This is the story of the shoot ......

After an initial meeting to discuss what was required, and deciding not to try to use a studio environment it was agreed that the shots would be taken outside in various locations to take in as many different styles of background as possible.

They would be mostly head and shoulders most with a bokeh background. The style would be a relaxed but professional to demonstrate Paulas personal style.

On the appointed day we set out and spent five hours in various locations looking to get the right background and atmosphere for the shots. The weather was dry but it was blustery and the light changed from sunny to shade with annoying regularity.

Nearly 200 shots later the shoot was over and it was time to go our separate ways and reflect on the day's work.

The next day we reconvened and agreed on the photos to be discarded. We both had copies of the rest and agreed that we would both build our own favourite portfolio. Paula wanted a set that best reflected the image she needed to portray and I wanted a set which I believed best showed off my own skills.

Strangely enough we were very similar in our choices.

So how did I do? Well I think I did OK, Paula has updated the photos across her sites and her followers thankfully love them.

Now whether I am on Paulas Twitter, Flickr, Facebook or the White Social Media website I see the results of my work starting back at me. It gives me the most incredible feeling to know that I helped to create them and every time I see one I just have to stop and have one more look.

Of course I could never have achieved it without Paula. 

But what do you think? Please check out the full set on Flickr and if you like them leave a comment, if you have any suggestions then I'd be pleased to hear from you.

Thanks Paula.


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1 comment:

  1. I especially like the last shot - very warm, and friendly. A pic that would make me want to find out more about this lady, if I saw it on the web. That you for sharing. Nic